WECK glass jars are the classic well-proven jars for all your preserving needs. Made in Germany since early last century, they are extremely robust and dishwasher safe.
However they have many more uses than just preserving. They provide airtight pantry storage for grains and pulses, cereals, dried fruits and much more. They are also great for storing leftovers in the fridge, especially if you use the keep fresh lids, although I prefer to use only the glass lids, as I really am trying to remove all plastic from my life.
The juice jars are equally useful for storing home-made juices or syrups or for serving wine, milk or water at the table.
Many of the jars also make stylish serving dishes for salads, desserts or breakfast fruits and yoghurts. And you can bake pate, cakes or puddings in WECK jars. 
Crafters use them for candles and storage of all their bits and bobs.

There really are a thousand uses for WECK jars. 

Rubber seals and stainless steel clips are essential if you are to use the jars for preserving or want them to be airtight but are optional for other uses. Keep fresh lids are available in packs of 5.