It's never too late to  eliminate plastic wrap and plastic bags from your kitchen. Here are a few things you can do. Remember, plastic never goes away - it is on this earth forever. Even compostable plastics are only compostable in an industrial composting facility  and very little finds its way there.

  • take a Weck Jar of soup to work or wrap your sandwich in a reusable Bee's Wrap 
  • stop using plastic wrap - use a reusable Bee's Wrap to cover food in the fridge.
  • avoid pre-packaged foods and refill your own Weck glass jars at refill stores
  • wrap organic rubbish in newspaper instead of placing in plastic bags
  • take your own container to the takeaway store OR choose to refuse plastic cutlery and takeaway containers. Encourage stores to offer wooden cutlery.
  • use a reusable cup for your takeaway coffee
  • make tea with tea leaves in a beautiful Salam teapot to avoid using teabags made from plastic