The WASARA range of single-use eco-tableware is a collection of elegant ‘paper’ plates, vessels and cutlery. Designed in Japan, the stylish range is made entirely from renewable sugar cane waste and bamboo. This fibre is simply mixed with water to make a pulp before being moulded. Each piece is then finished by hand. No bleaches, dyes, glues or resins are used. However each piece in the range is light weight, durable and oil and water resistant, making it suitable for hot or cold foods and liquids. After use it can safely be discarded in the land-fill or compost where it will quickly break down without releasing any toxic gases.  The elegant bamboo cutlery accents the range, designed to slot neatly on the side of plates and bowls where it balances without assistance for ease of use, especially at parties. WASARA bamboo cutlery is also fully compostable.

WASARA is totally unique and stands out in a class of its own. It’s elegant, practical and kind to the environment.